In 2000, the entire world was grappling with the Y2K problem wondering if the world, as we know, will come to a grinding halt. However, our spirit to innovate as well as cross new frontiers in human history not only helped us tackle the problem but also make the most significant strides in technological advancements ever witnessed in recorded human history. The last ten years have seen disruption being at the core of travel and hospitality strategy and has given rise to leaders that we might not have even imagined at the beginning of this millennium. Therefore, today, I am sharing a picture of how travel will look by 2025, to see if some of these ideas come to fruition in this decade and what today looks like a fantasy becomes an every-day reality.

It is 1st Oct 2025. I wake up to a fresh orange juice being served in bed by my robotic nutritionist. My “intelligent room” senses all that’s brewing in my head and triggers a sophisticated algorithm that runs a myriad of permutations combinations. My bedroom wall is a holographic computer screen, and it flashes all relevant information pertaining to my “unspoken” queries within a few nanoseconds.

Google advises me the drive time to work, and I jump out of bed and start to get ready. While in the shower, My virtual genie talks to me emphatically on my concern for the upcoming air hazard that my hometown Delhi is unequipped to brace. It suggests a week-long getaway to Greece around Diwali since it knows that pollution levels are at alarming levels post festivities. “It” knows that the black sand beach at Perissa Santorini has been on my bucket list for a while. “It” also understands my love for water and warm sunny weather. “It” recommends hotels that suit my budget and brand preference and have been cross-verified by the reviews given by my closest friends on social channels.

Closer to the day of travel, my virtual genie recommends the clothes I need to pack and automatically re-arranges them in my digital cupboard for me to pack quickly. On the D-day, my genie accurately calculates the travel time and ensures a self-driven Uber arrives at my doorstep at a precise time to take me to the airport. My digital passport allows me to check-in efficiently as well as automatically update the Indian immigration portal with my travel and approved e-visa details generated by the airline, to let the authorities know that I am travelling outside of the country.

The Immigration official at the airport only takes a few seconds at the airport to scan and validate my details in person, allowing me and my family to immediately hop on to the flight.

I arrive in Greece- a land of history and most captivating myths in the world. I pass through automated immigration machines that do a quick check via a biometric device. Yet again, my virtual genie has arranged for a self-driving uber for my pick up. I am no longer required to wait for my luggage as it is automatically delivered to my hotel. As soon as I reach the hotel, a mirror-like-tablet placed centrally in the lobby verifies my reservation through facial recognition and allows me access to my room.

I no longer wait for my turn at the reception desk for a physical key to be handed over. My phone unlocks the room, and I step into a garden-facing executive suite. The temperature of the room is exactly how I like it to be, an ideal 20 degrees. The Hotel, with my permission, has already scanned my social footprint and is aware of my food and beverage preferences. The very aromatic Moroccan mint tea and raisin oat cookies have been set aesthetically by my bedside.

In the evening, I make my way to the hotel’s posh bar. The bartender knows my penchant for smooth red wines and suggests a delicate Pinot Noir from Burgundy, France. Hotel concierge has a bespoke itinerary chalked out for me knowing my passion for adventure sports. A day spends at the famous black sand beach too has been thoughtfully added to the itinerary.

As I go sight-seeing with my family, my virtual genie has engaged a “Vacation photographer” to capture every priceless moment with my loved ones. The automated stories are posted on my social channel on real-time basis, allowing me to share my joy with my friends and distant families.

As the evening sun paints the evening sky with hues of orange, it is time to head for dinner. My virtual genie scanned countless reviews posted on social media and made a reservation at one of the finest and highly recommended Greek restaurants ‘Parea Tavern’ .It also booked a 90 minutes spa for me for the next day since it knows I am headed back home and always prefer a relaxing massage at the end of a trip.

It is now 1st Nov 2025 and a revitalized and refreshed me is back to work after a week-long holiday with my loved ones. I escaped the perilous air of Delhi, explored my dream destination, bonded with my family, and wove some alluring memories, and all I had to do was –NOTHING😊

Will the next decade see technology and travel companies successfully solve the problem of ‘curating’ the right end to end experience for the traveler? Only time will tell. Until then, let us keep dreaming, innovating and executing to build the next big disruption that we only read in blogs, books and on the big screen.