“Hey! How are you Bhanu?”, said Jai.

“I am INSANELY AWESOME buddy”, I retorted.

Jai seemed bewildered at the rarity of such a response. Despite the oddity of my answer, he managed a sheepish smile and went about his day. I knew I had done the magic. I knew I had sowed the seeds of “awesomeness” in his mind that would have stirred his soul.

Now, is my life really that “insanely awesome”? No, it isn’t. But I choose to believe that it is. I choose to believe that my words will send out a magnetic signal that will draw a parallel back to me. I choose to believe that the harvest(results) I reap will be as good as the seeds(thoughts) I sow. The exuberance and fervor in these two words create a magical aura around me that touches every soul that comes in contact with me. I feel awesome, exude awesomeness, recipient soaks up awesomeness and this creates a limitless chain of awesomeness.

Yes, my life is insanely awesome because I have made a choice to have a positive attitude. I have always walked the road less travelled. And naturally, when you embark on such a journey, you are bound to encounter challenges that may ‘make you’ or ‘break you’. It is a human tendency to second guess your decisions and ponder in retrospect. I also did, but I acknowledged and accepted the difficulty I was in and thought about finding solutions. Today, I can’t go back and change the beginning, but can start where I am and change the ending.

I am insanely awesome because I am patient in testing times. When one treads the path to finding solutions, one may need to go through iterations as some of these solutions may be experiments and many of those may fail as well. I went through the same but the virtue of patience (which I imbibed from my grandfather) kept me going. I swear by this virtue and not for a day have I undermined its importance.

I am insanely awesome because I am resilient- a virtue very easy to preach but hard to practice. But it is the only way out of challenging situations. I make my past a place of reference, not a place of residence. I learn from the mistakes of the past, but I don’t live in them. Maya Angelou’s famous quote resonates with me every second of the day- “I CAN BE CHANGED BY WHAT HAPPENS TO ME. BUT I REFUSE TO BE REDUCED BY IT”.

Yet another virtue that makes my life insanely awesome is the daily practice of gratitude. In the face of back-breaking challenges, I look at the positive aspects of my life. The sheer count of such blessings leaves me overwhelmed- be it, my supportive family, outshining my fellow colleagues in grade 12 board exams, having been awarded a scholarship in college, facilitated at the prestigious CNBC awards for the ‘ most promising entrepreneur’ and many more. One needs to look at things to comfort oneself in times of distress. It is almost natural that you develop a sense of gratitude and the gray clouds soon seem to give way to a sunnier sky.

Fitness is paramount to my sanity and my daily routine of exercising makes my life 10 times more insanely awesome. I have always believed that a healthy body leads to a healthy and constructive mind. It’s also a way of releasing one’s toxins. Boxing, tennis, running, swimming and strength training are the different kinds of physical activities I have engaged in. I built my fondness for running as a result of my colleagues in the US where running is the favorite fitness activity for young Americans. Quite frankly it gives me my “Me” time which is so therapeutic. For all those reading my blog, a piece of advice-Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.

The unconditional support system I have at work and outside adds to my insanely awesome life. They say- “It takes a village to raise a child”. So true. There was a time when key employees and key customers were leaving us but there were a number of people both at the company and outside who had undying commitment and belief in what we were doing.

My life will not be as insanely awesome but for these 2 categories of friends.

• Comfort friends – these are friends that I can be with at complete ease with, who understand my pain and empathize. This non-judgemental space feeds my soul.

• IQ friends – these are friends that I can share and discuss world views on. These stimulating friendships allow me to grow as an individual and sometimes miraculously I find the solution to my problem in the most unassuming manner.

The insanely awesome life that I have is a result of all the above choices and virtues that I live by. My life is insanely awesome not for those moments of success and adulation, but for those failures and rejections that came into my life to better me both as a professional and an individual. Tomorrow I may stumble, but I will make it part of the dance and continue to say with absolute conviction- I am INSANELY AWESOME.